Mastering the Art of Glove Love: A Guide to Wild Golf Glove Care

Mastering the Art of Glove Love: A Guide to Wild Golf Glove Care


Fore! It's time to tee off in style and let your swing do the talking. But wait, have you given your trusty Wild leather golf glove the love and care it deserves? Fear not, fellow golf enthusiasts, for we're about to embark on a leather-loving journey that will leave your golf glove feeling pampered and ready to conquer the fairways. Get ready for some pun-tastic moments, a hole lot of fun and clean gloves!

Section 1: The Initial Love Connection

Just like finding the perfect golf swing, finding the right leather golf glove is a match made in golfing heaven. When selecting your glove, opt for a size that fits snugly, it should feel like a second skin with no extra space, think surgical glove.. After all, comfort is key, and noone want a glove so loose, it's contemplating a career change as a hand puppet.
Section 2: Glove CPR – Cleaning, Protecting, and Rejuvenating

Maintaining a leather golf glove is like maintaining your own skin – it requires a bit of TLC and you don't want to it to age to like your grandparents. Begin by wiping off any excess dirt or grass with a damp cloth. If your glove's been through a particularly wild golf adventure, consider using a mild leather cleaner. Just remember, gentle strokes like your putting from 1ft are the way to go – no need for a heavy-handed bunker mentality.

OPTIONAL* Once clean, you can apply a tiny amount leather conditioner (we've found bees wax based ones work well) to keep your glove supple and soft, just like your short game. Think of it as giving your glove a spa day – it deserves it after providing you with superior grip and comfort for your whole round. 


Section 3: Golf Glove Storage – Because It Deserves a Rest

After a day on the course, don't just toss your glove aside like a forgotten golf ball lost in the rough. Give it a proper resting place – a cool, dry spot to chill out. No this isn't at the bottom of your golf bag, or in the pocket of your tailored golf shorts. You need to avoid places with extreme temperatures and damp areas, as your glove is no fan of sauna-like conditions or soggy situations. It deserves a cozy dry spot, much like a golfer yearning for a comfy armchair after a challenging round.


In the world of golf accessories, the golf glove is often the unsung hero, improving your game and shielding your hands from the highs and lows of the golf course. Give your trusty leather companion the love it deserves, and it will be your golfing sidekick for many rounds to come. So, golf enthusiasts, let's glove it up, hit the fairway, and show our leather pals some love – after all, they're the real MVPs in our golfing adventures. Lets go!

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